The 3 Ultimate Pillars of Concealed Carry for Women: Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Ultimate 3 Pillars of Concealed Carry for Women_ Mind, Body, and Spirit

Congratulations on becoming a part of the growing community interested in concealed carry for women! Whether you are brand new to the world of guns or you just want to update your concealed carry style, this article will help you from head to “stile-toe”. Truly, this article will start with your mind; concealed carry for … Read more

The Glock 45 Handgun Review – Pack a Punch

The Glock 45 Handgun Review

Glock handguns have been a go-to sidearm for American police officers and other owners for several years. Operating and maintaining them is reasonably uncomplicated, but more importantly, this sidearm is reliable whenever the user’s or someone else’s life is on the line. What’s more, Glocks are not as expensive and are quite durable, particularly when … Read more

The Virginia Citizens Defense League: The Top 3 Things to Know

The Virginia Citizens Defense League_ Everything You Need to Know

In 1994 a group of concerned gun owners formed an informal organization known as the Northern Virginia Citizens Defense League. The group began to lobby in support of gun owners and gun owner rights in the Commonwealth of Virginia and, as their efforts drew more attention, their membership ranks swelled. In 1998, the organization officially … Read more