10 Best Budget Guns: A Definitive Guide

Whether you are buying a gun online or from a brick and mortar shop, making a decision on a budget gun can be an exciting and challenging experience. There are many things to consider. You may get confused, however, about which type of gun you want — and you don’t want to be indecisive. After all, you may end looking like a newbie in front of the professionals if you can’t select a gun properly!

But every professional was once a newbie once. Keep in mind, too, that the people looking to purchase a firearm come from various different types of backgrounds. Some may have been born in a house where their family had enough guns and weapons to outfit a small army, while others may have only seen guns in TV shows and movies. If you don’t have any type of experience buying guns and are afraid of doing so, push  your fear aside!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gun

Why Do You Need a Gun?

Before moving forward and buying a gun, first determine why you even need a gun. As long as you don’t need a gun for any illegal actions or breaking the law, you are buying the gun for a good reason! As mentioned above, several people buy guns to defend themselves while others just need it for fun and to practice in a shooting range.

Many people also buy guns for their collection, just like people who collect old coins. Take a moment to decide what you need a gun for and which gun will suit you the best. Many guns are difficult to use at a range, and some are so easy that you can keep them at your bedside; in the end, the decision is yours.

Testing Your Gun Before Purchasing

The first thing that you should always do is test a firearm before you purchase. This method is especially critical for people who plan to use a gun for self defense. If you don’t try it before buying, you can run into a situation where you may fail to use it properly. Going to a big gun range is valuable also for people who are buying their first gun. You may also need to test different types of lengths and calibers.

You should, of course, learn gun safety measures. Not knowing how to safely keep a gun can be very dangerous for you and the people around you. When you don’t know how to use a gun properly, you are at a high risk of injuring someone, and you should not be handling a gun.

If you want to learn about the safety of a gun, you should join a safety course, where professional instructors will guide you through how you can handle your gun properly without putting yourself and the people around you in danger.

Buy a Gun You Can Afford 

If you’re looking for budget guns, you may look at Sabatti and Bettinsoli, or one of many other types. If you are buying a used gun, you should go for the best that you can find. Caesar Guerini and Rizzini are budget guns with nicely styled stockwork and that are very good at handling and will be perfect if you are buying used. Browning and Beretta are guns that you may also consider looking at budget guns. You can score a lot of savings by purchasing these.

10 Best Budget Guns

You’re probably wondering what great budget guns may fall within your price range. Here are some options that you can consider:

Scout .410 by CVA Compact Shotgun

This shotgun is covered with a camo finish so that you can hide it while hunting. You can take benefits from TSS shot as it includes a choke, which is specially engineered for this purpose. The rail is attached to a break-action, which works with Weaver-style bases, and Picatinny. This enables you to attach optics that you like.

This compact shotgun also has a cocking spur, which will not get in your way as the spur is ambidextrous. As this shotgun is manufactured with the same chassis as Scout rifles, the trigger is also excellent. With the stock, you get an inch of adjustment, so this will also work as a full-size hunter. The crush zone recoil from CVA will be a minor kick. That is why among budget guns, this is one perfect for training juniors.

Mossberg MC2c

This model of the series has a large grip and longer barrel than previous versions. The magazine also comes with extended capacity. As this gun has a large frame, you can still conceal this weapon and carry it around without anyone noticing. In this price range, the trigger pull is amazing and among the best of any budget guns out there. The rest and tack-up are also admirable.

AR .450 Bushmaster by ATI MILSPORT

This gun is more popular among hunters. During deer season, you can hunt with this gun instead of a shotgun. Rifle styled ARs with a big bore are usually costly, but this AR isn’t that expensive. This is among the budget guns that are perfect for moderate shooting. You will get plenty of options to attach optics with this gun. If you are chasing bacon in the dark, you can also attach a key mod handguard that will help you carry your lights along.

M&P 22 Compact by Smith & Wesson

If you need a sidearm within your budget to work as a backup, this concealed weapon will be the best choice. This gun has an amazing ergonomic grip, which will give every beginner an easy grip so that they can hold and shoot it properly. On purchase of this gun, you will receive two magazines, which is a great deal for the money you will be paying (remember: Two is One and One is None!). Some budget guns just keep on giving!

T/C Compass Rifle

This rifle is affordable and perfect for hunting with a bolt action. Budget guns may not be especially fancy, but this one does include a rotary magazine. This gun has a rifled barrel, which helps in additional accuracy, and a rail for additional scope attachment. You can also choose a cartridge that you want to chamber up in this gun.

Ruger AR-556

This Assault Rifle is amazing for new shooters. You will have a great experience with this AR. The receiver of this gun is aluminum-based. This gun also includes a gas block. The twist rate of the barrel is 1:8. This rifle is reliable and accurate. The gun comes with an ergonomic grip, and you will feel good while holding it in your hand (and budget guns will feel better on your wallet too).

Stevens 320 Security by Savage

This shotgun is manufactured by Savage. This gun may not be a head-turner at the shooting range, but it is perfect for home defense. The barrel of this 360 security shotgun has carbon steel construction, which is 18.5 inches long. This is the minimum length of the barrel that a shotgun can have. This gun has a pistol grip and is made out of plastic. A great choice among budget guns.

Glock 19 (Generation Five)

This gun is not perfect for everybody, but it will work well if you have to conceal and carry. Still, the size is large enough to give you a comfortable grip when you are shooting in the range. The manufacturer has also removed the grooves for fingers, which came in earlier models. The texture of the grip has improved as well. If you consider all the upgrades, G19 Gen 5 is the most comfortable gun in the series for a wide range of shooting, and one of the most comfortable budget guns out there.

Mark II Minimalist by Savage

Savage has upgraded its gun and reduced some of the weight. This gun is so light that you can carry it with you the whole day. This gun includes an AccuTrigger, which many professionals love due to its user-adjustable ability.

You can also use a muzzle or suppressor device on the threaded contour barrel. This gun contains a ten-round magazine, which is detachable. The magazine makes unloading and loading easy. The barrel and action of this gun are coated with matte black, available in green and brown color.

Stoeger P3000

If you need a gun for home safety that won’t set you back too much, you should consider this Freedom Series Stoeger P3000. This 12 gauge, pump-action gun contains a folding stock that will work as secret storage, and you can navigate through the tight limits easily whenever you need support. This buttstock with six positions also includes a cheek rest, which is adjustable and custom fit.

With this gun, you can pull double duty on animals such as turkeys. However, you first need to check the laws according to magazine capacity in your area for hunting. The magazine is extended and can hold more than seven rounds with complete capacity till eight. This gun also allows you to rapidly attain your target and easily hit with slugs and buckshot on a longer range. Among the most powerful budget guns.


There you have it. Plenty of choices for budget guns — but you will have to suit your weapon to its intended purpose, and select accordingly. When you wind up with the gun you really want, you’ll be glad you put in the homework before making a decision!