Top Lessons We Learned Reviewing the Glock 29

In most handgun circles, the Glock 29 needs no introduction. Nevertheless, there seems to be a significant divide among shooters whenever they discuss Glocks. You will come across some people who swear by it, while others who never carry this handgun. Few individuals fall in-between.

Law enforcement officers, security guards, and regular people use varying Glock models. You will even find people using them at shooting ranges. Some people, however, are still on the fence regarding this handgun. Are you one of those people, too? We will discuss everything you need to know about the G29, which is arguably the most impressive Glock model on the market today.

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A Brief History of the Glock

Glock’s history dates back to the 1980s. Gaston Glock, a bayonet and knifemaker, heard rumblings that the Austrian army was searching for a new handgun. Gaston had minimal knowledge about, and no experience of, designing a gun. Despite that, he accepted the contract and started creating a pistol. The process was unlike anything he had previously gone through.

After much research, he developed a pistol which he named the G17. Gaston used steel and polymer to produce this lightweight handgun to ensure that it was reliable. Surprisingly, his attempt was successful and the Austrian army deemed his pistol exceptionally accurate and pointable. Gaston won the contract and continued producing guns.

Gaston stood out from among other pistol manufacturers because he never constrained himself to firearm manufacturing norms. Instead, he planned to reinvent the wheel and to develop world-class handguns by thinking outside the box.

Glock 29 – A Brief Overview

The G20 is a 10mm round auto handgun designed for hunters, regular gun enthusiasts, and home defense. Jeff Cooper designed this firearm to provide a quicker, lighter alternative to other guns like the .45 ACP. The lighter 10mm auto rounds comfortably fall in the supersonic radius as they clock up to 1500ft/second. It is a significantly better option than the muzzle velocity of the .45 ACP. Furthermore, the G29 is more compact and produces better energy at the gun’s muzzle.

Advertised as a compact handgun, the Glock 29 is a suitable option for enthusiasts looking for a concealed carry. Surprisingly, this firearm has the stoppage capacity of a larger gun. People often refer to the G29 as a brute because of its ability to deliver over 600-800 lbs of energy per shot. You will find many rave reviews about this handgun in the press and from its users.

Ask any long-time gun owner, and they will tell you that Glock guns are arguably the most respected in the market. Why? Because of their field reliability, accuracy, and durability. Military, police, and other law enforcement professionals across the globe use the Glock as their go-to handgun option.

What Makes the Glock 29 Stand Out?

People who purchase the G29 sing its praises. Let’s take a closer look at some of this gun’s best features.


Glocks are famous for their unparalleled durability, more than evident with its G29 model. Some reviewers pointed out that their Glock’s functionality remained uncompromised even after becoming muddy and falling in the water. What’s more, you can shoot numerous ammo types with this gun. Hardcore defense ammo and full metal jacket ammunition are two of the most common options cited by G29 users.

Furthermore, the G29 can shoot 100-400 consecutive ammo rounds without any complications.


High-quality subcompact handguns are hard to come by, but the Glock 29 more than fits the bill. As mentioned earlier, this pistol is extremely powerful, and not just for its size. Given the correct ammunition, the G29 could damage a rampaging wild animal from long distance. The small size of the G29 is quite deceptive, as it can fill 10 to 15 rounds with ease. 

Quite a lot of hunters use this handgun as a sidearm. However, it would be best to minimize the recoil if you live in urban areas and plan to use it for self-defense. Choosing lighter ammo would be the way to go in such a case.

Ease of Use

Glock users once complained that Glocks were not a user-friendly option for people with small or average-sized hands. Fortunately, Glock addressed this problem by providing a sturdy grip pattern on the G29, eliminating the issue. The secure grip pattern dramatically shortens the length between the handgun’s trigger and its backstrap, making it a suitable fit for shooters with small or average-sized hands (though perhaps not for those with unusually small hands).

Glock 29 – Getting Technical

Here are some technical aspects of the G29, indicating that it is indeed one of the best handgun choices for pros and new enthusiasts alike:

  • Boasts a 10 mm auto
  • Possesses a safe action system, ensuring optimum safety
  • Standard magazine capacity of 10 and optional room for 15; truly one of a kind
  • 96mm barrel length
  • Weight without magazine, around 690g
  • Weight with an empty magazine, 650g
  • Weight with a fully loaded magazine, 925g
  • Superb Handgun Dimensions
    • Overall length, 177 mm
    • Slide length, 172 mm
    • Total width, 35 mm
    • Height including magazine, 115 mm
    • The 28.5 mm slide width ensures ideal handling for most hand sizes
    • Excellent trigger distance of 72.5 mm
    • Line of sight with steel is 149 mm
    • Line of sight with polymer is 150 mm

The G29 Gen 4 provides a highly compact handgun’s stealthy concealment while delivering the 10 mm magnum force’s long-range raw power like it is no one’s business. Glock incorporated a solid gripping pattern to provide a secure grip. Whether you are wearing gloves or not, you can rest easy knowing that the gun will not slip from your hands, even if they get sweaty.

Don’t let this Gun’s Small Size Fool You

It is tough to find a subcompact handgun as potent as the G29. What’s most impressive about this gun is that it can also be conveniently concealed, thanks to its 3.78 inches barrel length. The G29 would be ideal for anyone who possesses a concealed firearm permit.

Remember, this gun will not be an ideal option for everyone. As stated earlier, the Glock 29s pistol grip is not a suitable option for people with unusually small-sized hands.

Pros and Cons of the G29 Handgun


  • Highly versatile, contains a modular backstrap system
  • Excellent coil reduction
  • Includes a dual recoil spring
  • Surprisingly light, considering its power
  • Easily customizable for shooting style or preference
  • First-rate stopping power


  • Does not have a manual safety option
  • 10mm bullets are a bit expensive compared to 9mm

Final Thoughts

The G29 is arguably the most versatile firearm available on the market. Concealing it is straightforward, and you can use it as a sidearm while hunting in wildlife forests. While this gun is quite user-friendly, its fierce stopping ability may intimidate novice gun owners. For more information, see our in-depth review of the Glock 29.