State Acceptance

Please be aware, this list may not be accurate at the time of viewing. It is highly recommended that you visit your state’s website to learn the most up-to-date rules and regulations regarding concealed carry permits.

The Virginia Non-Resident Permit Allows You to Concealed Carry in the Following States:

The Virginia Resident Permit Allows You to Concealed Carry in All of the States Above, PLUS:

The Following States DO NOT Honor the Virginia Resident and Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit:

* For people residing in these States you may also need a permit from the state of residency in order to concealed carry.

The above lists are subject to change at anytime. Online CHP does not claim that the information provided is accurate or current. It is your responsibility to learn the national, state, and local laws in regards to concealed carry permits. Furthermore, we recommend you researching concealed carry permits that offer non-resident status for states that Virginia does not. If you’d like further information, we recommend looking at the Concealed Carry Permit reciprocity map builder.

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