The 5 Best Gun Cases for Concealed Carry

Sometimes leaving the house with your favorite rifle can lead to an awkward situation. A neighbor who is a bit too nosy, or one who has made it known that they don’t like your interest in guns, could cause trouble. You may need a gun case that enables you to carry your rifle like you would carry your concealed pistol: covertly and discreetly, but ready and available.

Fortunately, there are some options for you (other than the cliched violin case routine!) if you’re looking to avert unwanted attention from the casual observer. Many gun case and accessory manufacturers recognize this need, and have designed bags and gun cases for this specific purpose.

Here are our picks of the best covert concealed carry gun cases for everyday use. 

  • Hazard 4 Battle Axe
  • Sneaky Bag Trick or Treat Bag
  • Condor 26” Dispatch Case
  • Hazard 4 Dropshot™ Racket Case
  • Vanquest Rackit-36 Pack

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Gun Case ‘Going Gray’ – The Art of Being Inconspicuous

The concept of ‘the gray man’ – the person who nobody notices – is a principle concept for anyone who carries concealed. Adding a concealed rifle to your carry and maintaining that gray man persona can be a challenge. In most cases, slinging a long rifle case over your shoulder would telegraph to anyone that has the least bit of sense. 

The old standby of a violin case, guitar case, or tennis racquet case can work to a certain extent, but won’t meet the particular demands and needs of a rifle. Finding a better solution is critical to keeping that gray man profile when transporting your rifle to the range, to work, or just across town.

A covert concealed carry gun case needs to not only hide the profile and silhouette of your rifle, but also needs to trick the casual viewer into identifying what you are carrying as something more mundane. Just like you would dress to blend with your surroundings, the gun case you carry should do much the same.

Hazard 4 Battle Axe

The Hazard 4 Battle Axe gun case harkens back to the days of sub-machine guns stowed in violin cases. In this instance, it is a guitar case instead of a violin case. The Hazard 4 Battle Axe has the classic look of a soft guitar case but is fitted on the interior with all the extras you need to carry most rifles up to 35” safely while moving inconspicuously in almost any situation. 

Features on this case include:

  • Looks like a guitar case and will fit some guitars
  • Locking zippers on the main compartment
  • Double straps enable slinging the case like a backpack
  • Includes a shoulder strap for across the body carry
  • Padded and organized to prevent silhouetting of your rifle
  • Removable and adjustable straps for securing your rifle
  • Padded divider to allow carrying a second rifle if needed
  • Plush lining
  • Three exterior accessory pockets
  • Roto-locking buckle for added carry security

The Hazard 4 Battle Axe gun case gets rave reviews from customers across the board. It is hard to find any negative comments about the Battle Axe bag. The pros of this bag far outweigh the cons.


  • Large enough to fit most rifles and shotguns. 
  • Well-built from top quality materials
  • Retains shape well, even though it is a soft case
  • Padding protects anything inside without giving away shape
  • Enough space to carry everything needed for a visit to the range


  • No tie-downs for a second rifle
  • Carry handle could use some stiffening to be more comfortable.

One thing that was noted by several users of the Hazard 4 Battle Axe gun case was the attention it drew from other musicians. It seems the most asked question when carrying this case was, “what kind of guitar do you play?” If you carry this bag, you might want to be ready for that kind of conversation!

Sneaky Bag Trick or Treat Bag

If maintaining a low profile is an issue, the Trick or Treat bag from Sneaky Bag may meet your needs. This bag won’t fit your full-length rifle, but if you need to transport a takedown-style rifle, or a shorter version of your favorite firearm, the inconspicuous look of the Trick or Treat Bag is a perfect convert concealed gun case.

This bag, even when loaded, looks like nothing more than a soft briefcase carried daily by thousands of others. There is no “tactical” look about the bag. There are no overt signs such as molle attachment points or large extra pockets. The Trick or Treat bag from Sneaky Bags is sleek and stylish, and fits easily into most urban business environments.

You won’t enjoy the rapid deployment of a covertly carried rifle from this case, as the need to carry the rifle broken down precludes that. However, if your situation calls for the ultimate in discretion, this bag will do the trick.

Sneaky Bags has not skimped on the features and quality of this gun case.

  • Includes many features of a messenger bag, making for a versatile case
  • Heavily padded main compartment
  • Large enough to carry extra gear in addition to firearm
  • Smaller pockets under the main flap
  • Built-in laptop case
  • Can be configured to be carried backpack-style
  • Padded handle for carrying the bag briefcase-style

Sneaky Bags doesn’t get a lot of press. That may be because most of their customers take the gray man concept to its fullest and don’t make their choices known. The few who do talk about the Sneaky Bags Trick or Treat bag are consistently positive about these bags.


  • Designed to transport a weapon without raising the least bit of attention
  • Tough and durable; great design and rugged construction
  • Versatile, makes an excellent messenger bag


  • Looks like a typical, boring messenger bag (…but that’s the point)

Honestly, we had difficulty finding a single negative comment about the Sneaky Bag Trick or Treat bag. The lack of negative comments speaks highly of the company and its products.

Condor 26” Dispatch Case

Coming in at just a little larger than a briefcase, the Condor 26” Dispatch Case doesn’t look like a gun case. The Condor Dispatch gun case features a sleek and smooth exterior design in stylish colors. There is nothing on the exterior of this bag that says tactical.

Inside are two padded compartments designed to fit a takedown-style rifle or two shorter rifles/longer pistols. People may wonder what is in the bag, but nothing about the look of the Condor 26: Dispatch Case would say “guns”.

Condor has developed a reputation over the last few years for innovative thinking, and for being responsive to their customers in their designs. The quality of their manufacturing has become among the best in the industry. Condor’s attention to detail shows in the Dispatch Case.

  • Easily fits a broken down rifle, or shorter rifles/shotguns
  • Heavily padded main compartment to prevent printing or silhouetting
  • Removable divider in the main compartment for carry option versatility
  • Multiple tie-down straps in the main compartment
  • Padded mesh back for airflow when carrying backpack-style
  • Hideaway shoulders traps
  • Lockable zipper on the main compartment

The Condor 26” Dispatch Case is another gun case in our list that gets above average reviews from users. The reaction overall is satisfaction with the purchase and the features of the Condor Dispatch Case.


  • Best bag for the price on the market
  • Understated and subtle design makes this a perfect covert bag
  • Hideaway shoulder straps are handy when you have a long-distance to go and need your hands free; tuck straps away and bag shows no signs of its utility purposes
  • Excellent construction and durable materials


  • Gun case tends to sag and deform when loaded; could use a stiffener in the back

For transporting a break-down rifle or a short-barreled rifle without arousing suspicion or attention, the Condor 26” Dispatch Case is a perfect solution. Don’t overlook Condor Outdoor when you need quality gear at a reasonable price.

Hazard 4 Dropshot™ Racquet style Concealed Carry Case

Hazard 4 gets another spot on our list with their Dropshot™ concealed carry case. Hazard 4 took the idea of modifying the shape and design of a standard racquet case for concealing most standard length rifles. Carrying this case will give the impression that you are just another racquet sport enthusiast on the way to a game.

There is nothing on the outside of the Dropshot™ bag to give away what’s inside. The gun case features the same sort of styling that double racquet cases from the big sporting goods manufacturers sport. Inside, Hazard 4 has outfitted this gun case with everything you need to carry your rifle and accessories safely.

Hazard 4 doesn’t forget other features important to customers:

  • Sport styling and sleek design give no impression of a tactical bag
  • Full padding front and back protects your gun and prevents profiling or printing
  • Internally, moveable tie-downs secure your rifle
  • Zippered outside pocket for accessory items
  • Removable shoulder strap for easy carrying

Overall, user reviews of the Hazard 4 Dropshot™ gun case are highly favorable. A review of the comments about the Hazard Dropshot™ bag reveals that most purchasers of this gun case are impressed with the durability and the construction of the bag.


  • Lots of room, options for carrying a rifle and accessories
  • Generous mag pockets in the exterior compartment
  • I have never had a bag that came with a 10-year warranty
  • Lightweight yet protects the gun inside
  • Style is perfect; no one gives this bag a second glance


  • Could have used a higher quality zipper
  • Shoulder strap is not padded, can get uncomfortable

The Hazard 4 Dropshot™ bag is probably the least conspicuous bag on our list. This style of the bag allows you to go almost anywhere with your rifle, while keeping it well protected and secure.

Vanquest Rackit-36 Covert Rifle Pack

Though not quite as small as some of the other gun cases of this list, the Vanquest Rackit-36 still meets all the requirements of a covert rifle case. The styling is reminiscent of many backpacks carried daily by urban commuters. It is a bit longer, but is nearly the same size as many lightweight backpacking bags.

The styling of this bag says ‘hiking and camping’ much more than it says ‘tactical’. There are no overt tactical features on this bag to give away its real function. The extra length and narrow width mimic the style of backpack designs for smaller framed individuals.

Vanquest is not that well known but their attention to quality and detail shows in their packs and bags. The features they include with the Rackit-36 gun case rival any competitor in the market:

  • 36-inch main compartment will fit almost any rifle
  • Designed for ambidextrous carry
  • 1000D military-grade fabric is water repellant
  • Full padding, back and front, prevent printing or silhouetting of your rifle.
  • FasTab access of quick deployment of your rifle from the pack
  • Lockable YKK Zippers
  • ITW Zipline zipper pulls
  • Dual internal retention straps featuring 11-position attachment and adjustable muzzle cup

Vanquest is not that well known, and therefore there are not many users commenting about this gun case. Those users that do comment, however, rate this bag highly.


  • Bag never hints that it is anything but a backpack; no printing at all
  • Styling and colors blend in well among commuters
  • Bag is well-built and comfortable to carry
  • Solid construction, design is great


  • A little pricey

If you want to carry a longer rifle or shotgun covertly, you should look at the Vanquest Rackit-36. The price is a bit above others on the list, but the quality of construction and design make it well worth the price.

Hitting the Road with your Favorite Rifle – Covertly

If you want to be able to head to the range without nosy neighbors knowing, or if you need to transport a rifle for work but don’t want to draw attention, any one of these covert concealed carry cases will get the job done. You may also wish to check out our list of the best concealed carry backpacks if that is more your style, though it won’t be a great solution for long range weapons.

Whichever gun case or bag you choose, we hope the information here helps you to make the decision that’s right for you!