10 Things We Learned Evaluating the Best Concealed Carry Pistol

Increasingly, more and more people prioritize safety. They realize that people with malicious intent are out there, and they want to be prepared. Sure, America has highly trained law enforcement officials across the country, but they are not always around when danger comes knocking. This is where it would be useful to keep your best concealed carry pistol handy.

This is perhaps the predominant significant reason why individuals who take their safety seriously get concealed carry handguns: to protect themselves and their loved ones. Fortunately, more states are showing support for Constitutional carry laws, so much so that some of them are even allowing people to conceal carry pistols without permits.

It would be fair to say that this step will promote more safety awareness, encouraging people to take safety seriously. Merely owning a gun, however, is far from enough — even if it is the best concealed carry pistol. You may feel more secure and safe, but if and when the time comes to use that firearm, feeling safe will not be enough to get you through what is likely to be a high-intensity situation. You will need tactics, skill, and (most importantly) the correct mindset. The best concealed carry pistol on the market wouldn’t hurt to have, either.

The Best Concealed Carry Pistol – Mindset Matters

The real measure of carrying a gun successfully for defending yourself does not solely depend on the model or type of gun you carry, even if it is the best concealed carry pistol. Surprisingly, it does not have much to do with competence, either. Of course, your skills are essential, but the primary foundation to successfully arming yourself for protection is your mental strength. Your weapons — even the best concealed carry pistol — will be of no use if you don’t have the right mindset.

At the very least, you have to be mentally prepared to exercise lethal force in order to protect yourself and other innocent people. However, you must also exercise exceptional awareness and sound judgment. Numerous firearm experts (like Jeff Cooper) have provided the fundamentals of personal protection. The founder of the Gunsite Academy outlined some essential principles in his book “Principles of Personal Defense.”

Here is a list of critical considerations for every gun owner to improve their mindset:

  • Alertness
  • Coolness
  • Decisiveness
  • Speed
  • Aggressiveness

Preparation is Critical

Is there a chance you may never have to draw your firearm for self-defense? Absolutely! However, some people who never expected it have nevertheless found themselves in life and death situations. So, it would be best to be prepared and to ensure you can use your best concealed carry pistol effectively.

Choosing to be a concealed carrier means you recognize that circumstances can unexpectedly take a turn for the worse. You must act responsibly, maturely, and be hyper-aware of your surroundings. These things will make all the difference in saving your life.

Make it a Lifestyle

You must develop the mentality of a grizzled concealed carrier for the rest of your life. It is a lifestyle that requires you to implement situational awareness, a fundamental knowledge of your state’s laws, and respect for yourself and others. Concealed carry pistol owners are decent, law-abiding individuals. In my experience, the best people carry the best concealed carry pistol.

Knowing When to Use it

Some places do not allow people to enter with concealed carry pistols. There are many reasons for this, perhaps foremost among them being that many people are uncomfortable being around firearms. Armed criminals entering a shop, however, certainly don’t care if you’re comfortable or not.

Nevertheless, owning the best concealed carry pistol comes with many responsibilities, including keeping your gun concealed and making sure that you are not carrying into places where guns are off-limits.

Know Your Rights and Stand Up for Them

Do you remember the Second Amendment? It is your right! It would be best to make the most of it, but you must understand how your particular state’s laws work. No, you do not have to acquire help from a highly expensive attorney, nor do you have to attend law school. All you need to do is go to a well-reputed concealed carry class and learn how your specific state’s laws function. It will take you a long way, and prevent you from unwittingly getting into legal trouble.

Becoming a Responsible Concealed Carry Ambassador

Remember, you are an ambassador for the entire gun community once you own the best concealed carry pistol. If summoned upon, you must have the skills and wit to demonstrate why people should arm themselves.

On the other hand, if you are going to a bar and flailing your firearm after having a few drinks – that will send the opposite message. It would be best to ask yourself if you are responsible and ready to become a handgun carrier. If not, prepare and act accordingly.

Training for Life

As a concealed carrier owner, you must be willing to educate yourself, despite having previous experience or the best concealed carry pistol on the market. There is always something to learn and room to improve your skills, all of which could come in handy in a dangerous situation. Every responsible concealed carry owner never backs away from educating themselves on new carry techniques, styles, and ways to stay safe around others. Training improves their situational awareness and helps them stay vigilant.

With that said, you will not develop these skills overnight. Regular training is the only way to obtain them — the longer you own a pistol and train, the more you will discover about your gun and yourself. The permit for your best concealed carry pistol is an entrance ticket to an entire lifetime of education.

Don’t be an Occasional Carrier

You must carry your gun all the time. Some individuals carry it sporadically, which is far from ideal. What if you encounter trouble the very day when you leave your best concealed carry pistol at home? It is a significant risk, and you should avoid taking it. As previously mentioned, danger comes knocking when you least expect it. It could be at a social gathering, or even just walking down the sidewalk. It would be best to remain armed and have the necessary training to save yours and other’s lives.

Use the Right Holster

Using a high-quality holster from a well-recognized manufacturer is a must for every concealed carry owner. Of course, you can store your firearm in a holster made from nylon, but using a custom-fit variant would be the best option for the best concealed carry pistol. A carry device or holster made for your specific gun model will enable you to secure or draw your gun effectively. It will also make it more accessible and concealable. A custom holster for your best concealed carry pistol will protect and cover the trigger from external objects. 

Your gun will remain safe in the holster until you draw it intentionally. Don’t expect a ten or five-dollar holster to provide a comfortable and reliable carry solution for your eight hundred dollar handgun. It would be best to purchase a high-quality holster even if it costs half as much as your firearm.

IWB holsters, also known as inside the waistband holsters, conceal your gun better than other variants, but they are not as comfortable. You may also require a belt-size adjustment and a trouser to make up for the extra bulk. It would be best to choose an outside the waistband holster if you want more comfort. However, concealing your gun with this option will not be easy.

You can also make your pistol concealable, but it comes with a cost as accessing and drawing it becomes much slower. However, holders with low concealability provide carriers with a massive tactical advantage by enabling them to draw and access their firearms quickly.

Choose the Best Concealed Carry Pistol

Choosing a firearm that matches your level of experience and skill is vital. Many people forget this consideration and often choose the most flashy-looking option. Sadly, it does not work that way – you must do some research, ask around, and take your time to ensure the gun you choose suits your needs. If you ask a long-time concealed carry pistol owner about the model, caliber, and type of gun you should buy, you will get a plethora of answers.

You will find various models and makes in weapon shops. It can make things quite confusing as people with little or no experience do not know which one they should buy. It would be best to take some particular characteristics into account, like your hand size, your degree of previous experience, and your purpose for buying.

Final Thoughts

Remember, while dry-fire drills are useful, they are not a substitute for the real thing. It would be best to devote a decent amount of time to live-fire shooting drills to improve your performance under the stress of a deadly encounter.

Try planning monthly shooting sessions at the range, or at least every 7 to 9 weeks. Finally, always be prepared! A violent encounter can manifest within seconds, and it could be that the main thing that saves you is your mindset and skills.