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This test is the last step to getting your Online CHP certificate. Answer all of the questions correctly to continue. You may take the test as many times as you need to to complete it.

1. After striking the target, bullets will fall harmlessly to the ground.
A - TrueB - False

2. The main causes of firearm accidents are failure to pay proper attention, ignorance and carelessness.
A - CorrectB - Incorrect

3. You should always wear eye and hearing protection when shooting firearms.
A - TrueB - False

4. What are the best ways to identify ammunition?
A - The label on the box it came in from the factoryB - The headstamp on the ammunition itselfC - Test fire to see if it works with your firearmD - A and B

5. The first step in unloading a semi-automatic firearm is to:
A - Rack the slideB - Pull the triggerC - Visually inspect the boreD - Remove the magazine

6. With regards to a handgun, single action vs double action refers to:
A - One hand vs two handed shootingB - The trigger performs one vs two actionsC - The number of rounds fired per pull of the triggerD - A and C

7. What is the best way to avoid handgun related accidents?
A - Make laws banning handgunsB - Avoid looking directly at a handgunC - Learn and use safe techniques and practices

8. Which of the following is a rule of firearm safety?
A - Treat all guns as if they were loadedB - Be careful with firearms unless they are unloadedC - Never load a firearm

9. When is it safe to point a firearm at something you are NOT willing to destroy?
A - If you’ve been told it’s unloadedB - If you’ve got the safety onC - Never

10. Is this course all you need to safely handle any firearm you may come across?
A - Yes after taking this course you are armed with knowledge that you could need and any further instruction is simply a wasteB - No this is intended as an introduction and the foundation for which you can build and continue to learn and train to become more and more proficient